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13 Sep 2017More TV for our items

We are at present in talks to supply props for a TV production and also to film at the showroom for a TV show . We have again turned down the chance to take part in an American TV show as it would mean going out to the USA for ... (click to read more)


The pump used on the new Disney film which was returned from Pinewood two weeks ago has been reassembled following transportation and is in the showroom , it will remain covered until the film is released and no photos of the pump will appear . Once the film is ... (click to read more)

06 Sep 2017Ferrari , Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher items arrive in showroom

The Ferrari simulator arrived in the showroom this morning along with some other interesting F1 items , we have the pit garage backdrop from the Williams team , the wing from Damon Hill's 1997 Arrows car the year after he won the championship and a special item being Michael ... (click to read more)

01 Sep 2017Race car display arrives in showroom

We have purchased a full size race car which is now in the showroom , a great display item , it is just the bodywork and chassis tub so would make a great wall art display . ... (click to read more)

01 Sep 2017Ferrari simulator for showroom

We have purchased a Ferrari simulator from one of our clients which will be arriving in the showroom next week . The unit comes with computer and three Ferrari screens .   ... (click to read more)


Yesterday we collected the vintage pump from Pinewood that has been used on the new Disney film being shot at the moment along with around thirty other items , two items are still being used and will be collected at a later date . The pump and globe were ... (click to read more)

25 Aug 2017Queen Elizabeth library book !!!!!

Passengers on board the Cunard cruise ship Queen Elizabeth can now visit the library and take out a copy of our book " All things Automobilia " . The book was published to raise funds for the East Midlands Air Ambulance and several other charities . We have declined requests ... (click to read more)

25 Aug 2017New truck gets lettered

Our new truck is now lettered and joins the Ford Custom , the livery was applied this wek and the truck is now ready to work with the Custom delivering items and collecting stock from around the UK , if you see one of the vehicles at the services ... (click to read more)

17 Aug 2017TV presenter Henry Cole loves his globe

TV presenter what hw wrote on TWITTER !!!!!   Henry Cole‏ @HenryColeTV Aug 11 More Our new Gladstone globe that @automobilia_uk delivered today! What an amazing piece of artistry, it will be treasured for many years to come. (he loves his globe ) what Henry put on twitter !   ... (click to read more)

17 Aug 2017DISNEY pump soon to return

The vintage pump and other props hired by Disney are to return from Pinewood in the next two weeks as filming is now complete although a couple of items will remain as they are being used on the main set and will return later. The blockbuster film being shot at ... (click to read more)

12 Aug 2017Racing car on its way FULL SIZE

We have purchased a full size race car which will will be using as a display in the showroom and possibly fix on a board and offer to clients for display in their collection. ... (click to read more)

11 Aug 2017Shed and Buried and Gladstone motorcycles !

We have just completed a commision for TV presenter Henry Cole , and we got to see his shed ! Henry has appeared on our screens for over thirty years on travel shows and motorcycle shows and is best know perhaps for his hit show "Shed and Buried " he ... (click to read more)

11 Aug 2017Spirit of Ecstasy showroom statue ROLLS ROYCE Flying Lady

We have purchased a Rolls Royce showroom display statue that is made of brass on a stone plinth and is one of the best items of automobilia we have ever offered for sale . The item was photographed in Oxfordshire for our website and is available for sale , ... (click to read more)

26 Jul 2017James Martin loves his special pump

We were in Manchester yesterday at the request of TV chef James Martin to join him in an event at his Manchester resaurant , it was a lunch also attended by Doug Lampkin and John McGunness two motorcycle legends . We had spoken of building a pump for James ... (click to read more)


We have been searching for a pump to restore in the livery of RED 5 for former World champion Nigel Mansell and we are sure we have located the ideal pump from a garage near Tetbury just up the road from a Royal residence which at some point has ... (click to read more)

19 Jul 2017Major publishers at showroom

TOP PUBLISHING COMPANY USE OUR SHOWROOM AND ITEMS FOR PHOTO SHOOT ! Dorling Kindersley (DK) is a British multinational publishing company specializing in illustrated reference books for adults and children in 62 languages.[1] It is part of Penguin Random House, a consumer publishing company jointly owned by Bertelsmann SE & ... (click to read more)

18 Jul 2017Photo shoot at showroom today for major book publication !

Today we were visited by a major book publishing company from London who spent the day photographing our items of automobilia for a new book publication which will be in the shops early next year .The London crew arrived around 8.30am and photographed pumps,globes,tins etc for the book .   ... (click to read more)


The items on loan to the major film company DISNEY are to remain at Pinewood where they are shooting a new blockbuster for a further period. We received the request this week to extend the loan .   ... (click to read more)

06 Jul 2017LUNCH with JAMES MARTIN

July 25th . Manchester , PETROLHEADS LUNCH with James Martin at his fantastic restaurant , see his website for tickets . Meet Dougie Lampkin MBE , and see the 722 Sir Stirling Moss signed pump and some great automobilia as we AUTOMOBILIA-UK dress the scene for this great event ... (click to read more)

30 Jun 2017 James Martin, Dougie Lampkin MBE and Automobilia-UK in Manchester 25th.July.

    James Martin , Dougie Lampkin MBE and Automobilia-UK join together for Petrolheads lunch at James's Manchester restaurant . James Martin has asked us to join him and Dougie at a themed lunch on July 25th where we will dress the scene with automobilia which will include the 722 ... (click to read more)

26 Jun 2017Japan to Automobilia-UK our visitors arrive !

All the way by car from Japan to Automobilia-uk ! Taka and Sayaka set off from Japan in July last year and have travelled by Jeep 4 x 4 across Russia , Europe , Morocco , South Africa , Ireland and Scotland before arriving at our showroom this afternoon ... (click to read more)

25 Jun 2017Icing on the cake !

Yesterday we sponsored Lullington Park CC first and third elevens , on my Mum's 84th birthday so all the family attended and enjoyed afternoon tea , my son in law Leon won the match for the first team with a fine four to top a great afternoon and Mum ... (click to read more)

22 Jun 2017Tractor club visit raises £130 for Air Ambulance

The Ashby De La Zouch Tractor Club were given a talk and shown around the Automobilia-uk showrooms on the 21st . June . Twenty members turned up for the evening and all seemed to enjoy the experence at the Burton on Trent site .  A collection was made and we raised ... (click to read more)

17 Jun 2017Ferraris galore but Aston stole my heart !

Today we delivered a pump and several signs to one of our top clients , he only has eight Ferraris a few other classics , motorbikes and this lovely Aston which I fell in love with . Tough job for Alan and myself visiting these wonderful collections , but we ... (click to read more)

15 Jun 2017AUSTRALIA BOUND !!!!!

AUSTRALIA BOUND !!!!! over 50 items were parcelled and loaded on a van yesterday to be dropped off at a shipping depot in Birmingham where they will be loaded into a container bound for Melbourne Australia , the items included over 30 signs , oil jugs , oil pumps ... (click to read more)

11 Jun 2017Japan to Burton

They have travelled from Japan and are going around the world at the moment they are in Scotland and they sent me this email asking if they can visit Automobilia-uk " Hello We are traveling whole world with our own car from Japan and now in Scotland. We are very ... (click to read more)

09 Jun 2017New reception opens at Burton

We have now opened the new reception area at our Burton on Trent showroom in time for several car clubs that are visiting in the next few weeks , including one from Belgium . We have also extended the stores area and have new storage facilities in Melbourne Derbyshire ... (click to read more)

08 Jun 2017Nigel Mansell " Red 5 " pump

Exciting news we have agreed with Nigel Mansell to build a " Red 5 " petrol pump , the pump will be displayed in his Jersey collection and will have a few surprises built in . Work on the pump will begin in the next few weeks and we ... (click to read more)

01 Jun 2017Disney props delivered

Today Alan , Paul and myself delivered the props to Pinewood Studios that will be used in the Disney film being directed by Tim Burton. In the photo you can just see the Bond 007 stage behind the van. ... (click to read more)

31 May 2017Props for DISNEY blockbuster film

We are delighted to be providing props for a new blockbuster DISNEY film which is to be shot at Pinewood Studios and Directed by TIM BURTON ! The props will be deliverd to the studios this week after contracts were signed last week , over the past three years we ... (click to read more)

24 May 2017J40 joins new stock at Burton

We had the chance to buy this superb Austin J40 pedal car last week and although we have limited space for such an item the J40 was so fantastic we could not resist . In the most sought after colour it was restored many years ago to a very high ... (click to read more)

14 May 2017Devon barn find

Some things you just have to leave where they are !!!!! This week I discovered this pedal car in a Devon barn , it had rested for many years in the loft of the barn and was part of a large collection I had purchased , but seeing it ... (click to read more)

11 May 2017Record two weeks of sales !

We have had a record two weeks for sales from the Burton on Trent showroom with five pumps being sold and over thirty original signs being snapped up , with twelve signs destined for Australia .  We are fully booked delivering next week to Folkstone , Sunningdale, Guilford , ... (click to read more)

09 May 2017Former Super Middleweight Champion (W.K.A) Liam Parker visits new showroom

Former Super Middleweight Champion (W.K.A) Liam Parker called in to see the new Burton on Trent showroom and bought along his championship belt . Alan showed Liam and his partner Laura around the new showroom and pointed out some of the fantastic items on display .They both thought the ... (click to read more)

06 May 2017FERRARI Limited edition sign

We have a limited edition of only FIVE of these very special signs that have been hand signed by FOUR Ferrari legends with full photo and written authentication . ALAIN PROST . KIMI RAIKKONEN . JOHN SURTEES . NIGEL MANSELL . These were completed only last week when Nigel signed them ... (click to read more)

05 May 2017Vip visit to new showroom at Burton on Trent

Work was completed on the new showroom at Burton on Trent at lunchtime today just in time for our first VIP visitors tonight , my Mum and Dad who are both 84 , and they loved it .   ... (click to read more)

02 May 2017Signs on board for Kent

Twelve signs to be delivered to collector in Kent were loaded on the van today ready for trip south tomorrow. ... (click to read more)

01 May 2017New showroom taking shape

Work on the new showroom at Burton on Trent is taking shape , the main showroom is almost complete with further work underway on the extension including new client toilets and additional parking . It is hoped all the work will be completed in the next two weeks .   ... (click to read more)

27 Apr 2017Busy time !!!!!

We have been busy revamping the Burton on Trent showroom now that our retail operations have returned to Burton from the Leicester store .We were unable to house the full stock at Leicester and found we were trying to run from two locations which was causing logistic problems . ... (click to read more)

19 Apr 2017Easter Sunday visitor !!!!!

You cannot make it up , Shell pumps and a BUNNY !!!!! ... (click to read more)

14 Apr 2017Boy's join Grandad with J40 fun

George , Reagan and Henry join Grandad for fun with the J40 .    ... (click to read more)

13 Apr 2017Avery pump delivered to Marques Classic showroom .

Today we delivered an Avery pump to Marques Classic and sports car showroom in Stratford on Avon .    ... (click to read more)

09 Apr 2017Magnificent Seven

We have just completed the restoration of seven vintage pumps in SHELL livery and all these pumps are now available to clients .For more details please phone Rob on 07976 435293.   ... (click to read more)

09 Apr 2017Dick Mason pumps

  A couple of years ago I received a phone call one night from Dick Mason a gent from Norfolk who had been in and around motor cars and automobilia most of his life and who I had got to know well over the years and I had done a ... (click to read more)

25 Mar 2017America calls

Col Lewis the singing bus driver from Burton on Trent seen here in the showroom last year is to perform in America where his songs have been getting a lot of air time , Col will fly out to the states to perform in July with a few gigs ... (click to read more)

23 Mar 2017Available for TV and film from Automobilia-uk

This fantastic Citroen van is now ready for TV and film hire from automobilia-uk, full restoration just completed to mint condition , what a little cracker .   ... (click to read more)

15 Mar 2017ANOTHER BARN FIND !!!!!

Today I entered a barn to find this amazing carriage dating from around the late 1700.s early 1800 ish ! it was covered in cobwebs and dust , but just to find it , touch it and gaze upon it was MAGICAL ! It looked like a scene from ... (click to read more)

17 Feb 2017TV show not for us

We have turned down the chance to take part in a TV show , we were asked by a casting company in London to be part of a day time show but we felt the show was not something we could be involved with and especially as we have ... (click to read more)

11 Feb 2017722 pump going out on loan

The 722 pump will be going out on loan again next week to a private collector , we have turned down request's from the USA and Belgium for the 722  to attend functions . It will be back in the BURTON showroom later in the year . ... (click to read more)

28 Jan 2017Shell pump installed in new home

This stunning Shell livery pump was delivered to its new home this week and installed outside this superb garage in the grounds of a Cambridgeshire mansion ,  The finishing touch to a new garage complex the pump will no doubt impress visitors to the property . ... (click to read more)

27 Jan 2017What a nice pair !!!!!

Barn find ! this week we found these two Austin J40 pedal cars in a Suffolk barn ! One being in nice condition with superb patina in one of the the more desirable colours pastel green and the other in RUST colour with that just found photographers delight condition !!!!! ... (click to read more)

22 Dec 2016Automobilia-uk on TV on Christmas day at 8pm. Quest !!!!!

We feature on Salvage Hunter with Drew Pritchard at 8pm on Christmas day on Quest TV . ... (click to read more)

17 Nov 2016Dancing on the ceiling !!!!!

We have purchased a haul of vintage pumps from a barn in Devon and panels were even stored in the rafters , we think their are around 30 pumps in total all stripped ready for restoring , sadly these belonged to a pump collector who passed away two years ... (click to read more)

07 Nov 2016Our 722 pump proves popular in Belstaff London Bond Street store

The Sir Stirling Moss 722 livery pump we restored is proving a hit in London , the pump is on show in BELSTAFF New Bond Street where it has been for two weeks and will remain in store until the 14th . November. The photo shows the pump in ... (click to read more)

05 Nov 2016Our showroom on TV this week !!!!!

Our Burton on Trent showroom will feature on TV this Wednesday 9th November at 8pm on Quest with Jesse McClure in British Treasures , American Gold . The show was filmed earlier in the year .   ... (click to read more)

24 Oct 2016Sir Stirling 722 pump in BELSTAFF New Bond Street LONDON store

The 722 livery pump we have built to commemorate Sir Stirling Moss winning the 1955 Mille Miglia is now on display in New Bond Street London in the famous BELSTAFF store . It will be on show until the 14th. November , so please go along and see this ... (click to read more)

24 Oct 2016722 in BELFAST New Bond Street London

... (click to read more)

19 Oct 2016New TV show starts tonight which features our showroom

 A new six part show starts tonight at 8pm on Quest , the show is called British Treasures , American Gold and stars Jesse McClure of Storage Hunter fame , we feature in one of the shows but we are not sure which one , so best to watch ... (click to read more)

19 Oct 2016Ferrari in Brighton

Two days down south and a visit to one of our favorite clients who has just purchased a brand new Ferrari , WOW ! He also has a fantastic globe collection .    ... (click to read more)

19 Oct 2016We buy massive stock of pumps and parts

We have secured the purchase of a massive amount of pump parts to add to our stock of pump and parts . Sadly the owner passed away and we were contacted to see if we were interested in buying the full collection .    ... (click to read more)

04 Oct 2016Pop Legends Tony Blackburn and Gerry Marsden

 A great weekend in France where I met pop legends Tony Blackburn and Gerry Marsden ( Gerry sang some of his hits including " ferry cross the mersey " and You'll never walk alone " ) fantastic weekend as Tony kept saying !!!!! ... (click to read more)

22 Sep 2016Film shoot with 722 Mercedes 300 SLR replica

  A superb day filming in Oxfordshire with the 722 replica car and the 722 petrol pump. The video of the shoot will be out soon following the 722 pump launch at the famous Belstaff store in London.    ... (click to read more)

20 Sep 2016Photo shoot this week

The photo and video shoot with the 722 pump will take place in Oxfordshire this week along with a full size replica of the Mercedes 300SLR . Photos will be shown on the site later this week. ... (click to read more)

07 Sep 2016Pump takes pride of place in Shropshire with vintage coaches

Today we delivered this superb Shell livery pump to a collector in Shropshire and what a treat to see his vintage coaches and what a great chap . The pump took pride of place at the side of his coach shelter and will remain outside where it will light up ... (click to read more)

06 Sep 2016BELSTAFF LONDON Sir Stirling Moss pump reveal

The pump we have built to commemorate Sir Stirling winning the Mille Miglia in 1955 will be on display in the Bond Street store of World famous fashion retailers BELSTAFF the pump and race suit will also be displayed in their other London outlets including Westfield London and Selfridges ... (click to read more)

28 Aug 2016Automobilia-uk on TV show in October

Automobilia-uk will be featuring in an episode of a new TV series which is to be shown in the UK , France and the USA , the show called British Treasures American Gold stars Jesse McClure the star of the American reality show Storage Hunters . Filming took place ... (click to read more)

27 Aug 2016New Van ready for Sept 1st.

Today we went over to T.C Harrison Derby to inspect our new van which will be delivered on Thursday to the showroom . We have changed from gold on black to black on gold , it is now lettered up and ready for the 1st.   ... (click to read more)

20 Aug 2016Sir Stirling Moss 722 pump complete

The pump we have built to commemorate Sir Stirling winning the 1955 Mille Miglia is now complete . The pump will be going to London to be showcased in a Bond Street store in the next few weeks after it has taken part in a video shoot in Oxfordshire . Sir ... (click to read more)

09 Aug 2016722 pump will soon be ready !

The 722 pump signed by Sir Stirling Moss and built to commemorate his great win in 1955 in the Mille Miglia will soon be complete . Once finished it is going to be filmed before it will be unveiled in London by the great man . The picture shows the pump ... (click to read more)

01 Aug 2016New office takes shape

Our new office is looking good and the new packaging room will soon be in action , pics show Alan and Karl taking a break during work this morning . The old showroom is also under going a revamp this next week or so.    ... (click to read more)

21 Jul 2016Automobilia-uk on tonight's SALVAGE HUNTER Quest TV .8.30pm

The epissode of Salvage Hunter we appeared in last year is being shown on Quest tonight at 8.30 pm and on plus one on Quest at around 9.30pm.   ... (click to read more)

16 Jul 2016Buying trip down south

We are at present on a buying trip down south for a few days . We have managed to buy a vintage pump and several signs and have one more planned visit today to a seller in Hampshire .We have also managed to enjoy a little sun and the ... (click to read more)

02 Jul 2016Sir Stirling Moss 722 pump , on the way !

722 Sir Stirling Moss pump !   ... (click to read more)

28 Jun 2016Opera star visits showroom

Opera singer Gary Glaysher popped into the showroom last week in between rehersals , he was appearing in Derby in the Mikado.   ... (click to read more)

28 Jun 2016Morris and Fina pump delivered to stunning new home

The Morris we have rebuilt and the Fina pump was delivered to their new home today .The Morris looked stunning in the garden in front of the Abbey the home of one of our top clients , the house was featured earlier in the year in the magazine Country ... (click to read more)

27 Jun 2016Avery in showroom

The Avery 288 we have been restoring went into the showroom this morning and on our website for sale . In BP livery this pump would grace any collection .   ... (click to read more)

25 Jun 2016Lighthouse pump finished and in showroom ! STUNNING !

The lighthouse pump we started to restore just after Christmas is now finished and in the showroom , this ten feet tall super pump is magnificent and would grace any collection . The best lighthouse pump in Europe ?  we think so !     ... (click to read more)

20 Jun 2016Pump for GOODWOOD !!!!!

It was a dash today to get Sir Stirling Moss to sign the Ferrari livery pump we have built for Goodwood , as he only returned from holiday in the last couple of days . The pump will be on the Signature Store stand at this weeks show and will ... (click to read more)

15 Jun 2016Video of Cortina GT

Our trip to Norfolk at the weekend and some interesting cars    ... (click to read more)

11 Jun 2016Great location and stunning cars

Today we were in Diss , Norfolk at a stunning location to shoot a demo film and I got to drive this Cortina GT .   ... (click to read more)

04 Jun 2016Maserati coffee table

Watch the video of our Maserati coffee table on sale in our showroom      ... (click to read more)

28 May 2016Two Sir Stirling Moss pumps on the way

We are building two Sir Stirling Moss signed pumps in the next few weeks , one is a Ferrari pump which will be on sale at Goodwood next month ( more details later ) and the second is a very special pump to commemorate Sir Stirling's great 1955 win ... (click to read more)

26 May 2016Kent pump with fascinating history

Today we collected a vintage pump from an orchard in Kent near Ramsgate with a fascinating history . The pump was housed in a building that belonged to a company that made special bricks used on the streets in Paris and also used to pave the drive of Sir Malcolm ... (click to read more)

22 May 2016Should have gone to Chelsea

Having seen the garden they wanted us to dress at the Chelsea Flower Show I feel our items perhaps with a pump would have looked good and made the scene come alive , but we had to turn down the chance because of our work load ,, what a ... (click to read more)


What a great day , this morning I was working on the lighthouse pump , what a beauty that will be ! then at lunchtime it was off to Worcestershire to meet a lovely couple Michael and Joyce who contacted me after seeing me on Salvage Hunter wanting to ... (click to read more)

16 May 2016Sir Stirling suit now on display

Today we delivered the race suit authenticated as one of one and signed by Sir Stirling Moss to a leading UK company to have on show for six weeks . Not only is the suit signed but also the gloves and helmet. ... (click to read more)

09 May 2016Sir Stirling Moss suit on tour

The Les Leston race suit authenticated by Sir Stirling as one of one is going out on loan this summer , next week it will be on display for a few weeks at one of the UK's leading companies with other Sir Stirling signed items . It will then ... (click to read more)

23 Apr 2016Website statistics !!!!!

We monitor our website statistics on a regular basis , this gives us a fair indication of how TV shows or advertising affects the visitor numbers to the site .  Analytics show us where visitors come from how long they spend on our site ,  when we are featured on ... (click to read more)

19 Apr 2016BP pump in showroom

This stunning Gilbert and Barker pump is now complete and ready for delivery to its new home in a central London reception  . It has taken six weeks to complete the full restoration and must be one of the best " fat lady " pumps anywhere . The pump will join ... (click to read more)

06 Apr 2016Busy day !

This morning we delivered the third pump to " Welcome Break " the motorway services company to display in their Newport Pagnell headquarters ! It was then on to a farm in Essex to collect two more pumps we had agreed to buy .      ... (click to read more)

02 Apr 2016Rolls Royce and Bentley RARE lightboxes in stock

Fantastic lightboxes in stock including two very very rare items a Rolls Royce and a Bentley which we think are the only ones available anywhere. We also have a rare MG and a Morris , all these are on our website for sale .   ... (click to read more)

02 Apr 2016Automobilia-uk feature in Financial Times

We are very proud that today we feature in the Financial Times magazine  "How to spend it " One of our pumps takes pride of place in the magazine article , our stunning BP livery pump .   ... (click to read more)

26 Mar 2016Music video shoot at showroom

This week we were delighted to welcome Col Lewis the singing bus driver from Burton to shoot his new video in our wonderful showroom , the scene was amazing with lighting effects and an atmosphere that was magical . Col has fought so hard to overcome terrible illness in ... (click to read more)

18 Mar 2016Stunning Gilbarco finished today and in showroom

This superb Gilbaco is now in the showroom and on sale on our website  ... (click to read more)

16 Mar 2016E-Type chassis one and two AA bikes ! Wow !

Today was a real treat , first call was to check out two fantastic AA bikes which we are going to use for TV and film hire and then on to deliver two of our pumps to one of the best private collections in the UK which is home ... (click to read more)

13 Mar 2016New arrival half size MG

    One for the showroom a fantastic display item ! Could be in an Oxford Street window display soon !!!!! ... (click to read more)

12 Mar 2016Bertie dog checks new stock !

Bertie visits showroom to check out new stock !     ... (click to read more)

09 Mar 2016TV show for Automobilia-uk ?

A top Director /Producer from London who worked on the hit series Trading up with Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Ed China is in talks with a TV company and production company to make a show about Automobili-uk to feature some of the collections we visit in the UK ... (click to read more)

03 Mar 2016Mountsorrel Farm Park and Motor Museum

What a fantastic afternoon spent with my grandson George at the Stonehurst farm park and wonderful museum with lots of great cars and automobilia at Mountsorrel near Loughborough , a super day out for all the family , take the wife and children and let them have fun with ... (click to read more)

29 Feb 2016London car show and interview

... (click to read more)

28 Feb 2016Jesse McClure with his signed copy

Jesse McClure who was filming at our showroom this week gets a signed copy of our new book , Jesse was shooting scenes for a new programme that will be shown on TV in the autumn that will feature Automobilia-uk. The American was a star of the hit series ... (click to read more)

27 Feb 2016Bugatti pump delivered !

The Bugatti pump we built and displayed at the London show has now been delivered to its new home to stand at the side of a superb rare Bugatti sports saloon in Hertfordshire. The new owners are absolutely delighted with it , well they would have been had we taken ... (click to read more)

24 Feb 2016Filming at showroom for Quest TV with Jesse McClure of Storage Hunters !

This week we have had a film crew at the showroom filming a new series for Quest TV .  Jesse McClure of Storage Hunter fame is shooting a new series and Automobilia-uk will be part of that new show following filming in the showroom. The new show will be seen ... (click to read more)

24 Feb 2016Grandson George having fun in showroom

George sorts out stock for granddad in showroom this morning !!!!!     ... (click to read more)

21 Feb 2016Excel London Show Stars visit stand

This week we were at the London Classic car Show where the stars were out in force including David Coultard , Bradley Walsh , and a our good friend opera singer Gari Glaysher , Gari is seen on our stand .   ... (click to read more)

16 Feb 2016BP livery pump in showroom !!!!!

Our latest restoration is now complete and in the showroom . This superb Avery pump in BP livery is stunning a real show stopper ! See more pictures in our pumps for sale section !!!!! ... (click to read more)

13 Feb 2016George inspects pumps for London

Grandson George inspects pumps we are taking to the London classic car show next week. George loves visiting the showroom and loves the pumps and he liked the Bugatti lightbox we have built Pictures show the little fella this morning , and he thinks he can drive the van to collect ... (click to read more)

10 Feb 2016Bugatti pump ready for London show !!!!!

WOW !!!!!   ... (click to read more)

07 Feb 2016Bugatti pump for London show

The Bugatti pump we are building for the London classic car show is taking shape and looking good . A client had reserved this pump and was going to view and decide at the show but having seen the latest build photos he has decided to purchase prior to viewing ... (click to read more)

30 Jan 2016George visits showroom !!! What a star !

Grandson George today visits showroom , the little chap just loves pumps ! wonder who he takes after ?   ... (click to read more)

27 Jan 2016Sir Sterling Moss limited edition signed copies of our book !!!!!

A limited edition of our book " All things Automobilia " will soon be available signed by the author and Sir Sterling Moss. These copies are all " First Editions " and will only be available through The Signature Store . We are delighted that the book will be sold through ... (click to read more)

24 Jan 2016Our pumps prove popular

Our vintage pumps are proving to be very popular following our recent appearances on several TV channels. This follows our success with some of the countries leading companies including Welcome Break , BP and Ralph Lauren who have all contacted us in recent weeks with a view to further ... (click to read more)

14 Jan 2016Book sales help Air Ambulance appeal !!!!!

... (click to read more)

12 Jan 2016Welcome Break

Today we delivered two pumps to the motorway service station giants " Welcome Break " the pumps were taken to the company headquarters where one was placed in reception and the other sited in the staff restaurant the second one being the pump used for the window display at ... (click to read more)

11 Jan 2016Caroline presents cheque to East Midlands Air Ambulance appeal

Today we presented the East Midlands Air Ambulance with a cheque for £250.00  following sales of our book " All things automobilia " the book was a project to help several charities locally and nationwide , all profits from the book will be given to charity. The book is priced ... (click to read more)


We are busy preparing for the LCCS next month, we have a stand where we will be showcasing two very special pumps and selling our book " All things automobilia "    ... (click to read more)

03 Jan 2016They start young at Automobilia-uk

Grandsons George and Reagan with their first petrol pump , they start young at Automobilia-uk.   ... (click to read more)

01 Jan 2016Top companies buy our pumps !!!!!

This week we delivered two pumps to fuel giants BP for the reception of their London headquarters , we have also sold two pumps to Welcome Break the leading motorway service company for their reception at their headquarters , these will be delivered in ten days . These sales follow ... (click to read more)

01 Jan 2016Bugatti special on its way !

We are building a very special pump in the next few weeks , we are restoring an art deco style pump with some special features in Bugatti livery . The pump will be showcased on our stand at the London classic car show in February . It is RESERVED and will ... (click to read more)

26 Dec 2015Pumps for central London

On Wednesday next week myself and Alan T will be delivering two vintage pumps to a major company in St.James's Square in London . The pumps will be on display in the companies reception area and will form part of a revamp to the area . We will have photos of ... (click to read more)

23 Dec 2015BOOK ON SALE !

We are delighted to announce the book written by Rob Arnold  " All things Automobilia " is now ON SALE on our website with ALL profits from the book going to charity ! The book gives readers an insight into our World of Automobilia , the people we meet the ... (click to read more)

23 Dec 2015Merry Christmas to all our customers

... (click to read more)

21 Dec 2015Automobilia-uk to feature in Financial Times !!!!!

We are to feature in the Financial Times supplement  " How To Spend It Magazine " we were contacted three weeks ago and following editorial copy this week we have sent to London photos for the team to choose for the article , these include pics of our pump ... (click to read more)

10 Dec 2015Another great day spent with super cars and super folk !

Today we delivered the hand crank pump and visited another stunning collection !!!!!    ... (click to read more)

08 Dec 2015Santa came early !!!!! via Automobilia-uk !!!!!

Today the Beckmeter pump was delivered to South Wales as a surprise Christmas present for  the new owner . His wife and daughter had secretly ordered the pump and when we drove up and he answered the door he had no idea what we were doing there , I ... (click to read more)

06 Dec 2015Replica AYRTON SENNA race suit £675 STUNNING ITEM !

A fantastic item that will be in our showroom in the next ten days and on sale at £675 ... (click to read more)

06 Dec 2015Goldfinger Rolls Royce with ultimate limited edition number

This 24 carat GOLD plated Corgi model of the Goldfinger RR from the Bond film comes with the ULTIMATE certificated number 1007 very rare chance to buy this special numbered model.   ... (click to read more)

03 Dec 2015Christmas Cracker ! fantastic gift Sir Sterling Moss signed steering wheel with certificate LIMITED EDITION ONLY £190

A great gift idea a LIMITED EDITION steering wheel signed and with autheticity certificate and photo of Sir Sterling signing . WHAT A FANTASTIC GIFT !   £190 inc. UK post !   ... (click to read more)

02 Dec 2015Stunning new stock , Schumacher , Alonso , Sir Sterling

We have just purchased some amazing items for stock , including a Michael Schumacher signed full sized helmet including 100% authenticty certificate . Alonso items again with authenticity and even more super rare Sir Sterling Moss items . See website or ring Rob for details.     ... (click to read more)

29 Nov 2015Power Clock a real find !!!!!

This fantastic POWER PETROL clock is a repro of an original Power clock found in garages in the 1940s and a superb display item. It is double sided and in the showroom on sale. A fantastic item . See general items for more details . ... (click to read more)

28 Nov 2015New stock in showroom

Following two days in Cornwall and Wales we returned with lots of new stock which included the purchase of a whole automobilia collection from a lovely lady in Wales who had lost her husband and wanted to sell his collection of mainly Jaguar related items . The items will ... (click to read more)

21 Nov 2015Ferrari collection you have to see WOW !

  CLICK TO VIEW ! ... (click to read more)

21 Nov 2015New stock and Christmas gifts

New stock and Christmas gift ideas !   ... (click to read more)

14 Nov 2015Maserati coffee table on sale at

Maserati Coffee table on sale at Unique coffee table designed to highlight the exquisite engineering of Maserati. This cylinder head is from the M138 series of 4.2L engine and features variable timing for the chain driven inlet camshaft. The soundtrack to this video was recorded from a M138 coupe ... (click to read more)

13 Nov 2015Our props on stand at NEC show this weekend

We have hired props including the Ralph Lauren vintage petrol pump to the Classic and Sports Car magazine for their stand at this weekends NEC classic car show.  ... (click to read more)

11 Nov 2015SALVAGE HUNTER 9pm tonight features Automobilia-uk

  ... (click to read more)

10 Nov 2015Pumps take pride of place in Brighton

Today we delivered the two pumps purchased by a Ferrari enthusiast in Brighton , with the garage doors open the view to the sea was superb and the two pumps have a super marbled floor garage to sit in . The new owner and his wife are such lovely people ... (click to read more)

10 Nov 2015Model car collection . One of the best !

Just a few photos of the Ferrari model car collection myself and Alan visited today . I think this is the best Ferrari model car collection in the UK and possibly the World it is certainly the best housed in custom made cabinets . All the cars are in ... (click to read more)

09 Nov 2015Singing bus driver and BEAR !

Today we met Col Lewis the singing bus driver from Burton who is going to shoot a video in our showroom in the next couple of weeks . Watch our interview with Col and watch out for the BEAR !!!!!   ... (click to read more)

03 Nov 2015PUMP on show at NEC

Top media company Haymarket Media Group have hired the pump used by Ralph Lauren in their London store to dress the scene on one of the stands at the Classic car show at the NEC a week on Friday . ... (click to read more)

03 Nov 2015Pumps ready for Brighton !

Two pumps are now ready and complete and will be delivered to their new owner next week . The Ferrari and Shell pump seen here in the showroom will be packaged and laoded for the trip to Brighton next week . We have fitted and tested the CD player in the ... (click to read more)

30 Oct 2015Exciting new stock !!!!! 1000 miles covered !

This week we have been busy buying new stock for the showroom , including three vintage pumps , thirty display boxes including Coca Cola and several rare automobilia items , We have travelled to Durham , London , Worcester , and Cardiff covering over 1000 miles . We now have ... (click to read more)

28 Oct 2015Pumps on ITV Sunday !

Two of our pumps and and several props were on ITV last Sunday and will be on every week for ten weeks . They were used for the sponsors advert on the new Jekyll and Hyde series ! Have a look this week !!!!!   ... (click to read more)

27 Oct 2015RL pump returns ready for next job !

The vintage pump and fifty items on hire to Ralph Lauren London have returned to the showroom , but the vintage pump has been booked to go out again having been hired by a company to display on their stand at the Classic Car Show at the NEC in ... (click to read more)

22 Oct 2015We find HERBIE !

This week I have been down south for a couple of days on a buying trip and found one of the original promotional cars used in 1963 for the Disney film HERBIE ! I took the car for a short spin and a few photos but we are returning with ... (click to read more)

16 Oct 2015Caruso Cafe Derby !

Special delivery this morning to my good friend Toni at Caruso Cafe in Derby . This Ferrari sign will be on show in the Cafe , call in for great Coffee and wonderful hospitailty from one I am proud to call a friend !    ... (click to read more)

13 Oct 2015Ferrari pump going out Saturday

The Avery pump with built in safe and one of the Limited Edition pumps we created for Signature partners to Sir Sterling Moss is being delivered on Saturday to its lucky new owner in Hertfordshire . The second in this series with built in CD player is almost finished and ... (click to read more)

09 Oct 2015Three days in London

I have just returned from three days in London , on Wednesday night we attended the Cancer Care fund raiser at the Grovsenor Hotel on Park Lane where we joined a host of stars to raise funds for this fantastic charity , a very good friend of ours was ... (click to read more)

06 Oct 2015Showroom visits explained

I hope this video explains why we cannot open the doors to people just wanting to look around .     ... (click to read more)

03 Oct 2015New showroom finished

New showroom finished in a week !!!!! See pics of Monday morning and ones taken at lunchtime today ! Wow !  see more photos of new showroom under general items " SHOWROOM PICS "     ... (click to read more)

02 Oct 2015Automobilia-uk on Rareburg TV

watch Automobilia-uk on Rareburg TV     ... (click to read more)

02 Oct 2015Cotswolds garage video

watch the video of our Cotswolds garage opening now !   ... (click to read more)

01 Oct 2015Showroom extension

Work on the new showroom extension will be completed on Saturday . The new space gives us much needed extra room to display items and the facility to show TV and film companies our prop hire stock. A video to show clients the new showroom will be on our site next ... (click to read more)

29 Sep 2015Cotswolds garage project photos

To see some amazing pictures of the Cotswolds garage opening click on   "general items " at the top of page then click on Cotswolds photos . See these amazing pictures of the opening day of the refit project. VIDEO OUT SOON ! FERRARI , TURNTABLE , OPERA SINGER !   ... (click to read more)

26 Sep 2015Showroom extension ready for stock

Our new showroom extension is painted and ready for stock. Next week we begin the task of stocking the new area. The new extension will give us more space to display stock for film and TV props . Our showroom is used for our regular clients and production companies to ... (click to read more)

25 Sep 2015Gari Glaysher brings opera to Automobilia !

Opera singer Gari Glaysher thrilled the invited guests at the opening of our garage project with a tear jerking performance of Nessum Dorma as a Ferrari rotated on the turntable ,the talented singer who has appered at the Royal Albert Hall and West End shows also gave a debut ... (click to read more)

24 Sep 2015Garage opening

Garage opening , video on here soon ! this week we opened the garage project in the Cotswolds at the most amazing location at an Abbey owned by a Lord .The 70 foot garage was transformed from bunker into an amazing dream garage by AUTOMOBILIA-UK . The film footage ... (click to read more)

20 Sep 2015Ralph Lauren extend loan

Ralph Lauren have extended the loan of our props that are dressing their Mount Street London store. The company contacted us last week with a request to extend the loan to take the display up to their Christmas window . Items will now remain on show until the end of October.   ... (click to read more)

16 Sep 2015ELVIS has left the building !

The life size figure we aquired from Brighton a few months ago is going back to the seaside . Elvis has been purchased by the owners of a B&B in BLACKPOOL !   ... (click to read more)

13 Sep 2015Showroom extension

We are increasing the size of our showroom , this is to give us more room to display our items for TV and film work . The new showroom will open in November and be double in size to our exsisting unit.The showroom will remain as a venue to show ... (click to read more)

13 Sep 2015Sir Sterling signs card !

We were contacted a few months ago by a bride to be asking if we could dress the tables at her forthcoming wedding as her husband to be was a classic car enthusiast . The theme was to be automobilia and of course we accepted the challenge , which took ... (click to read more)

08 Sep 2015Film shoot for ITV advert

Early morning start on Monday with a 5am drive down to Hampshire to be on set by 7.30am. We were delivering props to be used in the making of a sponsors  video which will be broadcast in October by ITV . The show is a new ten part series of " ... (click to read more)

04 Sep 2015Pump on ITV blockbuster

One of our pumps along with other items from the showroom will be seen on the new series of Jekyll & Hyde. We are taking the items to Hampshire for the film shoot on Monday which will be part of the sponsors video to be shown five times per episode ... (click to read more)

29 Aug 2015Showroom Video , Click to watch !

This is the first of many films we will be showing over the coming weeks about Automobilia-uk , we hope you enjoy these short videos , Coming up , restoring pumps , glass globes and bargain buys !   ... (click to read more)

27 Aug 2015Original paintings in showroom

Abi our artist has completed the commision for three superb paintings , they will all be on show at next months garage opening in the Cotswolds with possibly two of them remaining in the display. The first shows a scene from Monaco , the second the speed of the banking ... (click to read more)

19 Aug 2015BUGATTI lined up for opening !

A 1934 rare Bugatti has been lined up for the opening day of our Cotswolds garage project. The car will join a growing list of super cars including a Ferrari , McClaren ,Jensen ,Aston Martin and a Manx Norton . Gari Glaysher the Opera singer is to perform on the day ... (click to read more)

18 Aug 2015BAFTA screening !

Last night we were invited to attend the cast and crew screening of a feature film we supplied props for. BAFTA previewed the film at the Cineworld in Cardiff where we joined renowned Director Rob Sanders and other cast and crew. Rob Sanders is rated in the top 20 commercial Directors ... (click to read more)

18 Aug 2015F1 man visits showroom !

Robin Baxter one of the top engine technicians once of Cosworth made his second visit in a week to the showroom. Robin who now works for a former F1 team owner and Airline mogul purchased several pumps for his boss to be used to dress a recent garage complex. He has ... (click to read more)

11 Aug 2015Boss on Rareburg TV

See the two interviews on youtube , just enter  "automobilia rob arnold " , and watch each 18 minute episode . Filming took place in London six weeks ago. We will soon be adding videos on our own website showing stock and interesting features.   ... (click to read more)

10 Aug 2015Moggy in primer

Our Morris Minor is coming along , Richard painted the underside last week and the top is now in primer. Also the second Ferrari pump is in colour and Alan the woodturner has completed the wall brackets for our garage project in the Cotswolds they were all waiting in my ... (click to read more)

07 Aug 2015Boss meets top chef on board QE

This morning the boss met with top Executive Chef James Abhilash on board Queen Elizabeth at sea as we sailed towards the Bay of Biscay . A tour of the galley followed and a sneak view behind the scenes of one of the worlds leading ocean liners . Some interesting facts ... (click to read more)

03 Aug 2015Film preview invite !

We have been invited to a preview screeing of a feature film we supplied props for in 2014. The screening for cast and crew will take place in Cardiff in two weeks time. We supplied a petrol pump and other items to dress the scene at the shoot in Wales. " Petroleum ... (click to read more)

01 Aug 2015Ralph Lauren items on board !

Sales girls try to sell boss RL items on board Queen Elizabeth ! Following our recent work in London for Ralph Lauren in their Mount Street Store Mayfair the boss thought he could get away from it all but the ladies had other ideas . Don't forget to call into the ... (click to read more)

29 Jul 2015Ralph Lauren window display

The official photo of our items dressing the window display of the Mount street Mayfair store of RALPH LAUREN !!!!! Double RL the flagship store to the famous name is situated just off Berkley Square and in a prime leading London area . The photo shows one of our pumps along ... (click to read more)

22 Jul 2015Rolls Royce Pump !

We are building a Rolls Royce Pump with a very special feature. The pump will take its place on our stand at the London Classic car show at the Excel in London in February and will also be showcased in a leading London dealership. Talks are also underway for the pump ... (click to read more)

16 Jul 2015Props in Ralph Lauren London

It was a late journey back from London last night as we returned following our delivery of props to the Ralph Lauren store in Mount Street just off Berkeley Square. Double RL is the Ralph Lauren Boutique in Mayfair a double window store with a superb location in the heart ... (click to read more)

09 Jul 2015FERRARI PUMP at Brooklands !

The Ferrari pump we built on commision for " The Signature Store " at Brooklands was delivered today , Jason was delighted with it and will now market the pump which will bear the signatures of two of the greatest drivers to the famous name , John Surtees and ... (click to read more)

03 Jul 2015Automobilia Wedding !!!!!

We are delighted to have been hired to dress the scene at an " automobilia " themed wedding taking place in September at the famous BROOKLANDS race track. We will be taking down a vintage pump and automobilia items to dress the scene and tables. It will be our pleasure to ... (click to read more)

27 Jun 2015MANX NORTON LINED UP !!!!!

We have lined up this Manx Norton valued at £25.000 for our September photo shoot at the garage opening . This stunning 500cc bike will line up with the super cars for photos that will form part of a new book and feature on Rareburg TV. ... (click to read more)

26 Jun 2015No Automobilia-UK shirt !!!!!

Alan sent this pic from America where he is on holiday , and he is wearing a Derby shirt and not one of ours ! Still at least he is looking for pumps , but we need bigger ones than that Alan lad ! Back to work for him Monday and ... (click to read more)

24 Jun 2015FERRARI PUMP SIR !!!!!

  The Ferrari pump we have built for Signature the company associated with  Sir Sterling Moss is now complete and will be delivered to Signature in two weeks following the British Grand Prix . Several clients are waiting to see this very special pump with a SAFE ! yes a safe welded ... (click to read more)

21 Jun 2015Filming for Rareburg TV

This weekend I was in London at the offices in Leicester Square of Rareburg TV. I was there to be interviewed by Duncan Mc.Alpine Creative Director of Rareburg with the footage to be used on their TV channel . On a day when several of the Rareburg experts were being flmed ... (click to read more)

20 Jun 2015Pump in Bond Street ?

Today I visited the Belstaff store in Bond Street London to discuss building a Norton petrol pump similar to the one we built for the calssic car show in London in January which was purchased by one of our customers for a motorcycle museum in Sheffield. We have been interested ... (click to read more)

17 Jun 2015Yorkshire / Margate / Cotswolds

Three days and over 1000 miles delivery and collecting items from Yorkshire , Margate and the Cotswolds. Early start Monday on the road at 6.30am and up to North Yorkshire to collect a vintage pump then back to showroom to load for Tuesday . 8am start Tuesday and first drop North ... (click to read more)

11 Jun 2015Ferrari 458 Spider

A white Ferrari 458 Spider will lead the way on the film shoot at the opening of the garage project we are working on . The event to take place in September will be filmed for our website and Rareburg TV  . Work on the project is well underway with some ... (click to read more)

06 Jun 2015Opera singer Gari Glaysher to appear for Automobilia-uk

The Opera singer Gari Glaysher has agreed to perform at the opening of the garage project we are creating in the Cotswolds  We have been commissioned to dress a classic car garage and supply all the fittings and displays that will be a show piece for what we at Autmobilia-uk ... (click to read more)

02 Jun 2015Pumps return from film shoot

We have collected over 40 items hired to a film company including three Avery pumps . The props department have sprayed two of the pumps to match the distressed pump we loaned them. One of the pumps is sold the other two are now in the showroom awaiting new owners so ... (click to read more)

01 Jun 2015Old world garage

Today I travelled down to the Heathrow area to collect the props used for filming last week on a feature film . On my way to deliver an item later in the day to Leighton Buzzard I called in to see Rod at a lovely garage with charm and nostalgia ... (click to read more)

29 May 2015New stock and stunning cabinet

Today it was a trip down south to collect a Bennett Vintage Petrol pump , seven signs and a stunning vintage Anco wiper blade cabinet . The cabinet is in fantastic condition and a very rare find. Showing patina it looks stunning with all the graphics in readable and fine condition ... (click to read more)

26 May 2015Liverpool Town Crier Terry Stubbings

Today I met Terry Stubbings the Town Crier for Liverpool after stepping ashore during my time on Queen Victoria during the 175 year celebration cruise with Cunard. Terry rang his bell and shouted to the folk of Liverpool about Automobilia-uk which was filmed for our website , unfortunately the sound ... (click to read more)

24 May 2015Island Pump destination visited

Two years ago we sold a Vintage Petrol Pump to the owner of an Island just off the coast of France and yesterday I visited the area to take a look at the pumps final destination . The owner is a Knight of the Realm and the Island is ... (click to read more)

21 May 2015Automobilia-uk on TV last night !

The TV show for Channel Four which I filmed in Penzance a few weeks ago was shown on TV last night as part of the show Posh Pawnbrokers. The show centred around a reclamation yard with the owner looking to sell a couple of his pumps , I was called ... (click to read more)

19 May 2015Ferrari pump / Signature / Sir Sterling Moss

Two weeks ago I mentioned a meeting I had at Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit in Surrey. I was there to meet Jason Jenner managing Director at The Signature Store the official partners to Sir Sterling Moss and John Sirtees . The meeting was a great success and I can ... (click to read more)

16 May 2015Cricket sponsors at Lullington

Today we sponsored Lullington Park Cricket Club with the first team hosting Chesterfield and the third team up against Alvaston and Boulton. Victory for the first eleven came with an impressive display from overseas player Shoaib Nazir hitting 83 on his debut a score which earned him the Automobilia-uk man ... (click to read more)

13 May 2015Good trip ! and more stock !

Today we travelled down the M42 , M40 , A34 and to Southampton before arriving in the New Forest to drop off a vintage Gilbarco pump to take its place in a motorcycle private collection . On a beauitful sunny day we drove through the forest and on to ... (click to read more)

11 May 2015Nose cone arrives in showroom

The nose cone we purchased has arrived on site and will be used as an exhibit in a display we are working on for a garage display we are creating in July. ... (click to read more)

08 May 2015AA patrol bike joins our hire fleet

This amazing AA patrol motor bike and side car is now in our fleet of hire vehicles , A blast from the past this 1955 combination would grace any film or TV set.    ... (click to read more)

05 May 2015Heartbeat TV !!!!!

Today we visited Aidensfield home of Heartbeat and Scripps garage , well not really , we visited Goathland and had a meeting with the real garage owner. Following deliveries in Pickering we travelled north to the home of the hit TV series and then on to collect parts for our ... (click to read more)

30 Apr 2015Bergerac TV car on our website

Many years ago we were in Jersey on holiday where we attended a garden party and met John Nettles who played Jim Bergerac in the TV hit series of the same name. My dear wife being a fan of the show and indeed the Actor was thrilled when he invited ... (click to read more)

29 Apr 2015Gilbarco now in showroom

The Gilbarco pump we purchased six weeks ago today joined the showroom stock of stunning pumps . This pump was in superb solid condition with no panel repairs required . Having been stripped and painted in ESSO livery it now looks absolutely stunning . Rewired and topped with an original globe this ... (click to read more)

26 Apr 2015Read articles on Rareburg !

Read article on about Austin J40 we took on TV shoot last year. Rareburg is a website for collectors and enthusiasts that I write articles for in London . Join the site and see the interesting items and read articles by some of the other Rareburg experts.  ... (click to read more)

17 Apr 2015Elvis arrives !

Elvis has entered the building ! this superb life size Elvis model with real guitar and stool is now for sale in our showroom and was purchased along with a vintage pump in Brighton. ... (click to read more)

16 Apr 2015Brighton Trip

Today we travelled down to Brighton to collect a Vintage Pump and another item , the  " other " item will be revealed tomorrow . It was nice to have lunch overlooking the Pier and a stroll along the front before we headed home . Alan had a day off so ... (click to read more)

13 Apr 2015Morris Minor rebuild

Several customers have enquired about the rebuild on the Morris Minor . These latest photos show the Moggy in the workshop on its side waiting for Richard to start the welding . A new cross member and outer sill sections will be replaced once the floor area has been sand blasted ... (click to read more)

09 Apr 2015Ford Race Suit Mannequin ! Stunning item !

Today we welcome another well dressed and great display mannequin to the showroom , George our Esso man has gone to a new home and now we have a new showroom star .This one is dressed in a fantastic FORD race suit (genuine race suit ) and would look ... (click to read more)

08 Apr 2015Coast to Coast

Early start this morning with delivery of Petrol pump to North Yorkshire just south of Middlesbrough arrived around 10.30 am and then on to Pickering and to drop off more items. It was then on to Harrogate ( no time for Betty's) but we did have to stop at ... (click to read more)

07 Apr 2015Royal Enfield massive wall display

Today I travelled down to Worcestershire to a family garage to buy some items they were moving on to make room for an extra show area . The garage had been in the same family for around 100 years and had been Ford agents and at one time they sold ... (click to read more)

05 Apr 2015Easter Sunday Visitor

Easter Sunday Visitor at the showroom !!!!! Happy Easter everyone ! From all at Automobilia-uk     My office is turning into Disneyland ! ... (click to read more)

02 Apr 2015RAREBURG GOES LIVE !!!!!

RAREBURG GOES LIVE ON THE NET !!!!! The internet website RAREBURG the market place for collectors went live today.  Rareburg is a new place for collectors of the rare, unique, and wonderful to call home. It's purpose is to serve as a place where collectors of all categories can admire, display, ... (click to read more)

01 Apr 2015Filming for TV show

Early start this morning to be in Lancashire for 8am on a TV shoot for the show Salvage Hunter with Drew Pritchard the architectural salvage dealer . The filming went ok but it was a cold day to be shooting outside . The show is scheduled to go out in ... (click to read more)

31 Mar 2015Motorcycle Museum Visit

The Norton pump we had on the stand at the London CCS was collected by the new owner in January to take its place in his private museum. I went along to see the pump in its new home and spend time with one of our best and favorite customers ... (click to read more)

27 Mar 2015New venture

A few weeks ago I went down to London for a very important meeting with a company who wanted me to be the founding figure for the automobilia section in a new and exciting business venture. At the time of going to London I had two companies wanting me ... (click to read more)

27 Mar 2015Ford stand at Goodwood

We have been sent these photo's of our pumps and signs on the Ford UK stand at Goodwood.We were contacted by Ford to dress their stand for the new Mustang .    ... (click to read more)

23 Mar 2015Bear cheek

This morning the boss was like a BEAR with a sore head. Well not sure about sore head but he was like a bear . You would think on a Monday morning following a busy week and the showroom needing a tidy up they would have better things to do than ... (click to read more)

18 Mar 2015Visit to Rolls Royce collector

Today we visited a Rolls Royce collector in the North of England.A great collection a nice bloke and we did a deal on a few items. Good day !!!!!    ... (click to read more)


Today I was in Derby to see my good friend Toni and to discuss some exciting news for Automobilia-uk planned for this year. We have news of some interesting and exciting ventures that we are going to be involved with in the near future and we are just waiting for ... (click to read more)

12 Mar 2015Filming for Salvage Hunter

We have been asked to take part in two episodes for the TV show Salvage Hunter the show which follows Antique dealer Drew Pritchard around the UK looking for items for his north Wales showroom. Filming for the first show will take place in three weeks time up in ... (click to read more)

09 Mar 2015Alan joins the team

We welcome Alan to our team at Automobilia-uk , Alan who recently joined us worked with the boss many years ago when they were involved in running football clubs together . As the boss pointed out , " we continue to be busy and it is important that we ... (click to read more)

09 Mar 2015London Bus joins hire fleet

This super 1962 Routemaster London bus has joined our fleet of hire vehicles for TV and Film work. It will also be available for private hire for weddings and special occassions . We have TV and magazine work lined up for her over the coming months. The bus is seen next to ... (click to read more)

07 Mar 2015BUSY WEEK !!!!!

Another busy week. The week started with a revamp of the showroom on Monday, sorting out new items, rearranging stock etc. On Tuesday I travelled down to London, and to offices in Leicester Square to meet an agent for lunch, before a meeting with a company who are to launch a ... (click to read more)

03 Mar 2015Exciting day in London

Today I travelled down to London and was taken out to lunch by a company that are launching a new enterprise in the next few months. They are one of two companies who have been in touch recently regarding internet blogs on sites they are planning. More details will be available ... (click to read more)

27 Feb 2015We are sailing !

Amphicar on our hire list takes to water. The amphicar listed under props for hire is seen here on the water . These rare cars are such a crowd puller , to drive along the road and down the ramp into the water is such a rare sight. Picture of the car ... (click to read more)

24 Feb 2015Classic cars join TV and Film Props

Six fantastic classic cars have joined our props for hire . They include some of the 1960 and 70 's most iconic cars hard to find in any condition these days but all our cars are ready to go and to work on TV and Film shoots around the UK ... (click to read more)

19 Feb 2015Tokheim American Texaco pump in showroom

This is the Tokheim pump that featured on the Grand Avenue at the London classic car show which we purchaed a week after . When I decided to change the livery on this pump Richard said he wanted to choose the colours and all my brief was that it ... (click to read more)

17 Feb 2015END OF AN ERA

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a family who had owned a village garage for well over half a century asking if I would be interested in buying several items as they had closed the business and were retiring. The premises were only fifteen miles away from ... (click to read more)

12 Feb 2015Filming in Penzance for Channel 4

Two days in Cornwall filming for Channel Four TV for a new show to go out in April on prime time TV . Great two days, I combined the TV work with calling in to see a client who lives just outside Penzance and I came away with some great ... (click to read more)

10 Feb 2015Filming in Cornwall tomorrow

Travelled the 302 miles down to Penzance today for filming in the morning for Channel Four. The production company have put me in a nice 4 star hotel so good rest tonight and up bright and early for a 9am start. I would imagine from what they have told me we ... (click to read more)

09 Feb 2015Tokheim in paint , latest photo

The Tokheim pump we purchased recently came out the paintshop this morning . Finished in stunning metalic red and cream it will be built up in the next week and go into the showroom. The pump in the showroom through to paint job below.     ... (click to read more)

06 Feb 2015George moving out

George our Esso showroom mannequin is moving to Harrogate . Everyone who meets George thinks he is a great display item in the showroom and he will be missed but it is time for him to move on and he will be going to his new home in April along ... (click to read more)

29 Jan 2015E Types revisited

Today I revisited the barn full of E Types I first visited a few months ago not only to purchase a few items from the owner but also to take more photos for an agent who is speaking with the TV people regarding using the collection in a future ... (click to read more)

28 Jan 2015Next week filming in Cornwall !

I am away for two days next week filming in Cornwall taking part in a TV production for Channel Four . I was contacted by the TV makers to ask if I would appear on the programme as a valuer of vintage petrol pumps. The programme is scheduled to go out ... (click to read more)

27 Jan 2015Tokheim goes into spray shop

The Tokheim pump we purchased that featured on the Grand Avenue at the London Car Show has gone into the spray shop. It was our intention to wait to see if the pump attracted interest in its rat look state but it just did not sit right in our showroom ... (click to read more)

24 Jan 2015London Car Show Pump Purchased

We have purchased the Tokheim vintage petrol pump that was part of the Grand Avenue display at the recent London Classic Car Show. The pump with a Phillips livery plaque was photographed by the motoring press at the side of some of the most sought after classic cars in the ... (click to read more)

22 Jan 2015Showroom work finished !

Work to extend the showroom is now complete and will open this weekend to customers who have arranged visits. We have added another room in the unit to give more display space for our items . Lots of new items arrived last week and have now been added to the displays. We ... (click to read more)

20 Jan 2015New showroom taking shape

Work to improve the display areas in the showroom is moving on at a pace . We were busy all weekend and the work will continue through the week ready to open this weekend. Over fifty new stock items are waiting to be added to our website next week once the ... (click to read more)

12 Jan 2015London classic car show

The London Classic Car Show proved to be a busy and productive few days for Automobilia-uk. With lots of visitors and a great deal of interest in our Vintage Pumps we were kept on our toes all weekend and with a couple of hours of the show to run we ... (click to read more)

09 Jan 2015Competition winner visits stand at LCCS

Compertion winner and his wife visit our stand at the London Car Show. David Dean from Dorset said he was delighted and supprised to win the tickets in our prize draw for two free tickets to the London show . Not only did they enjoy the car show but were also ... (click to read more)

08 Jan 2015Stand opens at show

Tonight the London car show opened and the stars attended the show to cast an eye over some of the Worlds most expensive cars. James Martin the TV chef dropped in to view the Automobilia stand and admire our vintage pumps. Chris Evans and James Martin took to the stage. SEE MORE ... (click to read more)

05 Jan 2015Norton pump ready for London

The Gasboy pump we have rebuilt for a customer was finished today just in time for loading for the London Classic Show this weekend. Following the show this pump will take its place in a private museum in Yorkshire . We were asked by the client to restore a pump in ... (click to read more)

04 Jan 2015Competition winner !

David Read from Dorset is the winner of the London Classic Car Show tickets. David entered our competition for two FREE tickets to next weeks show at the ExCel London . The tickets give him free entry and a chance to attend the press and vip night on Thursday where Chris ... (click to read more)

04 Jan 2015Young collector visits showroom

We were delighted to welcome a new customer to the showroom yesterday simply because this was a young man who has only been collecting for a short while. Jamie from Cannock arrived with his Dad to view the items we have in the showroom and to invest in some automobilia ... (click to read more)

05 Dec 2014Low mileage Morris found

We have purchased a 1969 Morris 1000 with a genuine 58.000 miles on the clock. The vehicle is to undergo a sympathetic restoration over the winter and will be ready for the road in the spring . The interior and mechanicals are excellent with a sweet engine and running gear. Some rust ... (click to read more)

05 Dec 2014 Repro items increase in value

We have never been shy of selling repro items through our showroom , some serious collectors frown on such items but not everyone can afford to shop in Harrods . These items give collectors on a budget the chance to decorate their garages and man caves and bring their collections ... (click to read more)

24 Nov 2014National globe still in crate WHAT A FIND !

We have purchased a National Super ORIGINAL GLASS GLOBE and it is still in its original crate as delivered to the filling station in the  1960 s 70 s . NEVER BEEN OUT THE PACKAGING ! What a fantastic item and what a rare find , the nails have never been ... (click to read more)

14 Nov 2014George into Automobilia

George Arnold youngest member of the family tries out his first car ! George wears Automobilia hat for his first test drive in the Brum car restored a couple of years ago by grandad Robert. Will George take over from grandad in a few years ?  Grandads pride and joy !!!!!   ... (click to read more)

14 Nov 2014TV Pump Sold following show !

The Bowser pump featured on the History Channel TV show which was broadcast on Monday 10th . November (this week) has been sold . The lucky new owner is one of our favorite customers from Ireland and he decided to purchase the item following its appearance on the show.     ... (click to read more)

13 Nov 2014Bulk buy of signs !

We have purchased a job lot of signs from one of our customers in Surrey . The collector purchased these a few years ago from an auction on the Isle of Wight but never got around to hanging them and decided to sell them to us as a job lot ... (click to read more)

11 Nov 2014Pumps on TV

Two of our vintage pumps featured on the History Channel on Monday 10th .November . Those watching would have seen our Bowser pump and CH1 featuring on Pawn Stars Uk , we purchased both pumps and they are now available in the showroom for sale. We were called in by ... (click to read more)

31 Oct 2014Pumps ready for East Anglia

This stunning pair of pumps will be delivered to the lucky new owner on Sunday in East Anglia. What a fine pair of pumps and what a fantastic investment. The A38 pump was used on the Ford stand at Goodwood and also for the press day in London for next years ... (click to read more)

24 Oct 2014Tipperary was a long way !

This week we delivered two Petrol Pumps to Ireland to one of our favorite customers , and it was a long way ! We took the afternoon Ferry on Wednesday from Fishguard in Wales and after a rough crossing we drove the eighty miles west to our delivery address before ... (click to read more)

24 Oct 2014Downton Abbey Cart ?????

Some time ago the props man from the hit TV show  " Downton Abbey " got in touch requesting an item for the series . This week we acquired this " DOG CART " could this be on the next series ? Watch this space . It would look good in ... (click to read more)

20 Oct 2014A38 SOLD !

The American pump National A38 which featured at London CCS press launch and at Goodwood for Ford UK has been sold. It is without doubt one of the best pumps we have had the pleasure to own and was admired by all in London and Goodwood including chef James Martin, ... (click to read more)

17 Oct 2014Barn full of E-Types !

Some time ago I was told by a friend of mine about a chap who had a few old cars and some interesting items. This week I was lucky enough to meet the man behind the collection and to see first hand the cars in question , oh my goodness ... (click to read more)

30 Sep 2014Automobilia-uk on TV !

A new series of Pawn Stars UK on the History Channel started last week and on Monday the boss of Automobilia-uk featured on the show. It was the first of two shows featuring  our business in this new series. The J40 Pedal car we had on stock was seen in Monday's ... (click to read more)

22 Sep 2014Godwin for Chris Evans Classic Show

We have purchased a Godwin 1920's Petrol Pump which we are restoring for Chris Evans Classic Car Show in January. The pump was collected from the Cotswolds a week ago and has been stripped down and sent off to the sandblasters . On its return it will go into our paintshop ... (click to read more)

21 Sep 2014Recreation

Jon at Cadley Garage in Wiltshire is recreating a 1950's petrol station . We delivered items to dress the scene at the garage and these will showcase next weekend when Jon hosts an event for local enthusiasts . The garage is well know in the area with a mix of modern ... (click to read more)

19 Sep 2014STOLEN SIGNS !!!!!

PLease remember to keep a lookout for these signs we had stolen at Carfest ! Would be nice to catch those who stole them ,  we could then sell them and give the money to Children in need ! Keep a watch on ebay , car boots , and jumbles !      ... (click to read more)

15 Sep 2014Pumps return from Goodwood

Our superb pumps loaned to Ford for their Route 66 stand at Goodwood are now safely back in the showroom following an horrendous jouney down south this morning , rain , mist and traffic hold ups resulted in a five hour stint. Ford were absolutely delighted with the responce from ... (click to read more)


For the first time in forty years I was back on a race track on Monday but unlike back then this time I was not racing. I had not been back on a track since my injury cut short my motorsport antics all those years ago but this time I ... (click to read more)

14 Sep 2014Beckmeter Pump used by FORD Uk on Sale

The BECKMETER pump used by FORD UK at Goodwood goes on sale in our showroom . This pump formed part of the display Route 66 on their stand in the Earls Court centre , seen and photographed by press and public . It will feature in many press and Ford photos ... (click to read more)

29 Aug 2014Filming in Wales complete

Two days of wet , cold , windy conditions a late finish last night and our work was complete in Wales. The film we were working on should be on the big screens next year . The film is called "Petroleum Spirit " and follows the fortunes of a young man ... (click to read more)

27 Aug 2014On location in Wales

Today we were in the Welsh mountains setting up props for a feature film being made . We were creating the setting for a run down petrol station to feature in the film , crew were on hand to create the scene which included a kiosk they had built and ... (click to read more)

27 Aug 2014Signs stolen at Chris Evans Car-Fest

An Enamel sign and a tin sign loaned to Chris Evans Car-Fest were stolen at the weekend from the site in Hampshire belonging to Automobilia-uk. Both signs were part of a display in the " Mechanics corner ". Total value of the signs exceed £600 and although security was in place ... (click to read more)

22 Aug 2014Pumps on " BBC One Show " Friday !

Two of our pumps we supplied to Chris Evans Car-Fest appeared on the  BBC ONE SHOW on Friday 22nd August ! Seen in the background behind sign !!!!! ... (click to read more)

21 Aug 2014Automobilia-uk at Chris Evans Car-Fest

Today Automobilia-uk were at the Chris Evans Car-Fest site in Hampshire at the home of former world F1 champion Jodi Scheckter . Brand Events who organise the event asked us to supply props including Vintage pumps and signs for one of the show displays. Chris Evans will be hosting the " ... (click to read more)

17 Aug 2014Boss gives talk on board QM2

This afternoon the boss of Automobilia-uk gave a talk on board Queen Mary 2 at sea on its way from Stavenger Norway to Hamburg Germany. The talk was popular with those who attended and ran over by twenty five miniutes as questions and interest from the audience continued. Topics varied from ... (click to read more)

15 Aug 2014Film production !

Automobilia-uk are to supply prop items for a film production taking place in Wales this month . The shoot will take place on a private estate outside Cardiff and our items including petrol pump , signs and other related items will be used to dress the scene of a run ... (click to read more)

03 Aug 2014Oak Globe Bases ! New line !

We are launching a new line in globe bases made by hand  in real oak. For some time we have been looking for a quality base for our petrol globes and the smaller oil globes without success so have now employed a craftsman to make the bases to our own ... (click to read more)

29 Jul 2014Amazing two weeks !

The last two weeks have been busy but absolutely amazing , following our London Car Show launch day and meeting James Martin , Mike Brewer , Ed China and the Top Gear production team including the managing director who all thought our pumps were fantastic we have been out ... (click to read more)

25 Jul 2014Automobilia-uk feature on TV show TURBO PICKERS !!

A brand new TV show made by the Discovery Channel will feature Automobilia-uk in one of the shows . The TV show filmed a couple of months ago will show the presenters Paul Cowland and Dave Southall trying to buy items from our stock. The show is called TURBO PICKERS and ... (click to read more)

24 Jul 2014Gilbarco Pump Restored !

Gilbarco Pump is now rebuilt and ready for the showroom ! The transformation is fantastic and a credit to our staff who have worked so hard on this pump. It is hard to beleive the pump in the photos is the same one . Work took ten days from start to finnish ... (click to read more)

20 Jul 2014Motoring press show our Pumps !

Following our invitation to take part in the press day launch for the London Classic Car Show the motoring press have this week covered the launch with editorial and photos which include our Pumps and Signs. Great advert for Automobilia-uk. ... (click to read more)

15 Jul 2014A38 American Gas Pump

Our A38 American Gas Pump returns from London Classic Car Show launch and goes on sale . This pump was admired by all at the show including James Martin and Mike Brewer. It is now back in the showroom and takes pride of place. The pump is available for sale at £4750 ... (click to read more)

14 Jul 2014Stand booked for London Motor Show

Today we signed the contract for a stand at the New London Classic Car Show taking place in January at the excel Arena. Stands are by invitation only and we are delighted to have been invited to such a prestigious event. The show is being supported by Chris Evans , James ... (click to read more)

12 Jul 2014James Martin / Automobilia-uk

James Martin the TV chef is seen on the official launch photo for the new London Classic Car Show with an array of items from Automobilia-uk. James and his wife were so impressed by our Pumps and our collection of Automobilia he especially liked our American A38 Pump. Wheeler Dealer Mike ... (click to read more)

10 Jul 2014London Classic Car Show Launch

Today Automobilia-uk were proud to be at the launch of the new London Classic Car Show to be held at the Excel in January. We were contacted by the organisers Brand Events who also produce Top Gear Live and Carfest to take four pumps to the launch a selection ... (click to read more)

10 Jul 2014Sir Paul McCartney's car with our Pump !

Aston Martin purchased by the famous Beatle was photographed today in London with one of our Pumps . The Aston still has the reel to reel recorder fitted for Sir Paul and it is rumoured he first recorded the song " Hey Jude " on the tape machine. It was part ... (click to read more)

06 Jul 2014Godwin ready for London !

The finishing touches were made to our Godwin Pump this weekend to complete the rebuild. This pump will join the other three going down to London for the press launch for an exciting new clasic car show planned for next year and supported by Chris Evans and TV chef James ... (click to read more)

05 Jul 2014A38 finished and looks stunning !

National A38 American Gas pump now complete and looks absolutely stunning ! This is our best pump to date and we are absolutely delighted with the finished pump. The pump will be in Kensington next week on a photo shoot along with three other pumps from our collection to promote a ... (click to read more)

28 Jun 2014Over 1200 miles in four days

Wednesday I travelled to Shropshire to collect a Petrol Pump from a customer a fantastic canopy electric .  Then on Thursday it was off to Scotland to deliver a Petrol Pump to Huntly north of Aberdeen . After an overnight stop in Pitlochry it  was an early start north through ... (click to read more)

28 Jun 2014What a find

I came across this AA box on a road through the Cairngorms , what a lovely sight and what a shame we have lost so many. ... (click to read more)

28 Jun 2014Vintage pump found in Scottish Village

Vintage Gilbert and Barker Pump still in its original position at the side of the road in a Scottish Village I was shown this pump by the local garage owner , it was actually in the Church yard with access to vehicles over the wall , I wonder if ... (click to read more)


We now have a large stock of quality repro globes  which are produced under licence and copyright . These superb glass globes are built using the original specifications and quality of the originals at a fraction of the market values. We buy in bulk from the producers and these globes represent ... (click to read more)

17 Jun 2014Gilbarco to Aberdeen

Gilbarco Pump in ESSO livery has been sold to a lucky buyer in the Aberdeen area of Scotland . The pump will travel the 460 miles north to its new home next week A great little pump that displays so well.We will be delivering the pump in our 4x4 Automobilia-uk livery ... (click to read more)

13 Jun 2014Filming for TV Quest channel

Another busy week , Monday Andrew took the 4x4 to south Yorkshire to collect items while the van was being loaded with items for the North of england on Tuesday. On wednesday we were in Buckinghamshire delivering and Thursday I was collecting in central Manchester first thing before driving up ... (click to read more)

01 Jun 2014Four generations !

Four generations !!!!! Today we officially opened our new showroom in Burton on Trent . It was a family affair with four generations of the Arnold family , great grandad David Edward grandad Robert Edward dad Andrew Edward and baby George Edward. The new showroom gives us much needed extra space to ... (click to read more)

01 Jun 2014More photos of showroom !

Showroom opens !  ... (click to read more)

29 May 2014New Showroom finished !

This weekend we will be opening our new showroom in Burton on Trent . The showroom and new offices will be open to invited customers by appointment only. We have for some time been looking for a new site to house our expanding stock , we will retain secure storage in ... (click to read more)

29 May 2014BBC TOP GEAR

We have just listed on our website a Peugeot Enamel sign used for filming by the BBC for the hit show " Top Gear" This superb sign is double sided and very rare . ... (click to read more)

10 May 2014J40 on TV Show !!!!!

The J40 Pedal Car we purchased recently was filmed today as part of a TV show . Filming took place in Chester for the History Channel where I gave details of the building of the J40 from 1949 to 1971 . Following filming we loaned the car to a showroom where ... (click to read more)

07 May 2014TV show !

We are looking for people with classic cars or automobilia collections to take part in a new TV show . We are talking to a TV production company about making a new show featuring the world of AUTOMOBILIA. Following recent TV work the company contacted me asking if we would be ... (click to read more)

02 May 2014Lancashire filming !

I have been asked to take part in the filming for a TV company in Lancashire in the next few weeks this will involve the filming of automobilia stock and explaining the rarity of some of the items . We are also in talks with a Production company regarding ... (click to read more)

23 Apr 2014Film Car Star !

The Pink Cadillac used in the film "Pink Cadillac " and driven in the film by Clint Eastwood is advertised for sale on our website . See under " general automobilia " Two cars were used in the making of the film and at one time both were owned by the ... (click to read more)

16 Apr 2014Filming for TV !

Automobilia-uk were invited to take part in a TV show for the History Channel filming took place this week just outside Chester. It was a nice bright sunny day and filming took around four hours in total with outside shots of the van and inside shots of me talking about ... (click to read more)

09 Apr 2014TV and Film work !

We have now agreed to supply items for a new Film being shot in Wales next month .The items will be on hire for just over two weeks and we have been invited to one of the days when our items are filmed . I will be taking part in ... (click to read more)

05 Apr 2014THE ONE SHOW ! BBC !

Just returned from two exciting days in London , last night I was at the BBC to watch the live broadcast of the One Show. After the show I met Chris Evans who is a massive classic car fan and Mr.Evans is now the proud owner of an Automobilia-UK ... (click to read more)